Nattome Stomach Food Gold

What are the Functions?

- Soothes stomach acid & heartburn in 10 minutes
- Suitable for quick first aid
- Handy and convenient
- Powdered, torn open and eat directly
- Consume when there is gastric attack

What's in it for you?

- Quick and easy relief of Acid reflux attacks in 10 minutes with GASTRO-AD
- Helps to prevent heartburn and bloating
- Can be taken in time when a stomach attack occurs
- Soluble find bean powder with minty aroma

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Nattome Products

are certified and approved by Malaysia KKM Food Hygiene Regulation, Food safety MeSTI Regulation, GMP and HACCP, SGS food certification and passed the evaluation from Bio Nexus testing and verification. 

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Neutralize Gastric PH Value

Nattome contains Gastro-AD which lowers gastric level to 1.9- 4.7. Reduce gastric pain and heartburn.

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Strengthen Gastric Repair And Immune System

with Lactobacillus Nattome prevents inflammation and reduce production of interleukin, protecting our gastric mucosa.

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Reduce Gastric And Protease Production

Lactobacillus digests protein and release peptide to reduce the activation of interleukin which directly reduces damage towards our gastric mucosa.

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Effective And Best For Gastric Maintenance

- Takes 10 minutes to relieve gastric symptoms.

- Takes 15 days to protect gastric mucosa.

- Takes 30 days to repair mucosa and maintenance of gastric environment.


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