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Optimize gastric pH value

Nattome contains Gastro-AD which lowers gastric level to 1.9- 4.7. Reduce gastric pain and heartburn.

Strengthen gastric repair and immune system

with Lactobacillus Nattome prevents inflammation and reduce production of interleukin, protecting our gastric mucosa.

Reduce gastric and protease production

Lactobacillus digests protein and release peptide to reduce the activation of interleukin which directly reduces damage towards our gastric mucosa.

Effective and best for gastric maintenance

Takes 10 minutes to relieve gastric symptoms
Increase immunity and repairability of stomach in the short term
Heal stomach lining and improve digestion in the long term


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Nattome MY



Customer Reviews

My stomach hasn't been very good since I was a kid. After meal, my stomach often feels bloated. After I drank Nattome, my stomach feels much better, and the symptoms of bloating can be relieved quickly. I learned that Nattome can also improve stomach acid problems, so I introduced it to my elderly parents who have acid reflux also. After taking Nattome for a period of time, the elders improved their stomach and heartburn, and they no longer need to use drugs to control it!
Nattome is really good. I used to have bad stomach day, which worsen when eaten something wrong . But since i started on Nattome i could easily relieve and feel better with just one packet to mix with warm water.
Before, I had stomach acid, bloating, indigestible food, and constantly feels like there is something behind my throat. I have had another attack recently. I have been taking stomach food for two months and it has gotten alot better. I am glad I found you nattome!
I have been troubled by acid reflux, indigestion and flatulence. Every time I have a flatulence, my belly is bulging and very hard. After taking Nattome for a week, these problems have been significantly improved and my belly is no longer bloated. Thank you Nattome.
In the past, every time I over eat, I would have indigestion, bloating, and sometimes stomach acid, and sometimes I can’t sleep well at night. My friend introduced me to this product. I just have one pack every morning. After a week, I felt less discomfort in my stomach. It really helped me a lot.
I have acid reflux and have been with heartburn for about 2 months. After taking 2 boxes of Nattome, my heartburn problem has been significantly improved, and the taste is quite good. There is a mint taste and friends with heartburn. We can give it a try, I also introduced it through a friend
Natalie Chai I got the nattome yesterday and it was really appropriate. Since I was in middle school, I had stomach problems because I didn't eat breakfast. In the past, as long as there was a stomachache, it would hurt to roll on the bed, sweat, and diarrhea. Whenever it hurts, I would take stomach pain reliever medicine. Gradually, after I came out to work, I gradually developed the habit of eating breakfast, so my stomach problems occurs only sometimes. Once it happen, the pain makes me feel like im dying inside.. Yesterday morning, for some reason, the stomachache came just as it said, and it was accompanied by diarrhea. I had diarrhea 4 times a day. I really endured so hard. I got a call where Nattome had arrived home. I immediately drove home and immediately opened the box and took out a packet of Nattome stomach food and soaked it in hot water. After drinking it, I immediately felt that my stomach was warm. In less than two or three minutes, the whole stomach was warm and. After five minutes, my stomach won't start to cramp magically! This is true, I wouldnt have believe the magical wonders of Nattome without personal experiencing it!! Thank you NATTOME!
I’ve been on gastric pain and stomach bloating for many years. I’ve admitted to the hospital for many times because of this issue. Last week doctor just gave me a new course of medicine and advice me to check up again. Since now is covid, I really don’t want to stay overnight in the hospital. Nattome was my only hope then. I immediately started the regime of 2 packet a day once I received the Nattome. Surprisingly after one week, my gastric issues had significant improvement! I can eat as usual now, no more nausea after meal! Thanks! 🙏

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