100% natural food, not medicine. There will be no side effects.
Nattome has a low sugar content (0.8g), it does not cause fluctuation in blood sugar level, so diabetic patient can consume Nattome without any problem. Also, Nattome is not a drug, it has no medicinal ingredients at all. Long-term use can also enhance your gastrointestinal immunity and greatly reduce the chance of gastric recurrence 👍Always consult your physician before taking any medication or supplement.
It depends on the severity of the individual’s gastrointestinal problems, some people might require three and above! 😉

A course of treatment is about one month and two boxes are needed. As long as you have Nattōme for a month, you will definitely feel that your gastrointestinal problems improved. So you may want to continue drinking Nattōme to regulate and maintain your gastrointestinal health✌Long-term consumption is beneficial, it will help regulate the intestines and stomach, greatly reducing the chance of gastric recurrence!
Don't worry, Nattōme is not a dairy product and does not contain milk powder. It also contains GOS. Studies have shown that GOS can also help improve lactose intolerance.
Don't worry! We comply with Malaysia's HACCP and GMP certification standards, which is absolutely reassuring in terms of food safety. All products are actually tested and inspected to ensure that the products meet the food hygiene standards at all times and to protect the rights and interests of consumers. In addition, there are Mesti, KKM and BIONEXUS product certification.
People who don’t have stomach problems can also treat Nattome⭐ as a meal replacement. Long-term use consumption can also enhance your gastrointestinal immunity, greatly reduce the chance of recurrence of stomach problems and reduce the risk of stomach problems.
For Nattome Repair and Relief, As long as you feel uncomfortable, you can tear it up and drink it immediately. It’s very convenient without brewing. If you have a serious stomach problem, you can take up to 4 sachets a day, each before breakfast. Before lunch, before dinner, before going to bed, or adjust according to your situation.
Although a packet of Nattome has 5 billion active probiotics, probiotics are not its main ingredient. The trump card ingredients is returned to Gastro-AD fermented soybeans. The biggest benefit is to relieve gastric problems such as: heartburn, acid reflux, nausea and vomiting, bloating and so on.
If you are taking medication or any other supplements, it is generally recommended to consume Nattome at least 1 hour after taking the drug or at least 2 hours before.
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