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庄学忠 Musical Artist

Well Known Malaysian Singer And Obtained The Title Of "Champion Singer" By Winning 76 Times In The Malaysia-singapore Singing Competition.

Non-stop hustling and working in the hectic entertainment industry created a habit of irregular meal times and swallowing food hastily during work hours, which led to heartburn. I have looked for many products, but the results are average. After taking Nattome Stomach Food, my heartburn has been reduced to a significant level. I am very grateful for Nattome.

Miao Miao Lin Jing Miao, Artist

Famous Malaysian Comedian, Actor And Professional Tour Guide. My Dream To Act In Films, And Show The World By Living Is By Choosing To Be Happy Every Day!

I am a diabetic patient and have a lot of drugs to comply. It triggered my GERD which I had for a very long time. Meanwhile, I don't want to add more drugs into my daily routine, that is why i seldom take antacids. Fortunately for me, I found the Nattome Stomach Food which helps and soothes the stomach from heartburn. Nowadays, I’d like to gradually shed some fat for a healthier lifestyle. The contemporary meal of Stomach Food is not only a delicious breakfast, but also very nutritious!


Famous TV News Anchor (8tv)/Brand Ambassador/TV Host, Obtained The Best News Presenter - Golden Awards 2017, Voted Top 5 Most Popular Female Artiste - Ong Ching Yee

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Sherry Liew, Housewife

NATTOME 顾客职业专访 - 家庭主妇篇

Mr Yap, Artist

NATTOME 顾客职业专访 - 画家篇

Jason, Customer Service

NATTOME 顾客职业专访 - 客服篇

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Jasmine & Yun Zun

营养师都推荐的天然养胃食品【今天由2位专业营养师为你讲解 - NATTOME】


随着年龄增长 “胃” 功能逐渐下降🔻🔻🔻


营养师Jasmine教你如何吃好1日3餐 ~