Nattome Stomach Food


Nattome products are certified and approved by Malaysia KKM Food Hygiene Regulation, Food safety MeSTI Regulation, GMP and HACCP, SGS food certification and passed the evaluation from Bio Nexus testing and verification. In terms of food quality and safety, rest assured that Nattome will provide the best to all the customers.


Key features of Nattome Stomach Food

- 4 Stomach Food for 2 month-therapy (Worth 792)
- Nattome Stomach Food
- Soothes stomach acid & heartburn in 10 minutes
- Helps Repair gastric mucosa in 30 days
- Contains 2 billion active probiotics
- Suitable for long term consumption to protect the stomach
- Helps to prevent gastric ulcer, gastritis, gastric cancer
- Powdered, brewed with warm water
- Suitable as meal replacement drink
- Suitable for daily consumption

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Strengthen Gut Lining

Stomach Food Family Blend 500g

Relieves Acid Reflux