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Nattome’s unique intestinal health ingredient Gastro-AD is a fermented non-GMO soybean product that has been clinically proven to relieve stomach upset and complications caused by excessive gastric acid.

Why Nattome?

  • Soothes stomach acid & heartburn in 10 minutes
  • Helps repair gastric mucosa in 30 days
  • Contains 5 billion active probiotics
  • Suitable for long term consumption to protect the stomach

Stomach Food Functions

  • Helps to prevent gastric ulcer, gastritis, gastric cancer
  • Powdered, brewed with warm water
  • Suitable as light breakfast
  • Suitable for daily consumption
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What’s In It For You?

  • Quick and easy relief of Acid Reflux attacks in 10 minutes with GASTRO-AD
  • Helps to prevent heartburn and bloating
  • Can be taken in time when a stomach attack occurs
  • Soluble fine bean powder with minty aroma

R&R Fast Relief Powder Functions

  • Soothes stomach acid & heartburn in 10 minutes
  • Suitable for quick first aid
  • Handy and convenient
  • Powdered, torn open and eat directly
  • Consume when there is gastric attack
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Suitable for

Lactose Intolerance

Looking for something else?

It works so quickly, does it have any side effects?

100% natural food, not medicine. There will be no side effects.

Does the product have milk powder or dairy product? I am sensitive to lactose.

Don't worry, Nattōme is not a dairy product and does not contain milk powder. It also contains GOS. Studies have shown that GOS can also help improve lactose intolerance.

Can I drink Nattome without stomach problems?

People who don’t have stomach problems can also treat Nattome⭐ as a meal replacement. Long-term use consumption can also enhance your gastrointestinal immunity, greatly reduce the chance of recurrence of stomach problems and reduce the risk of stomach problems.